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Having grown-up in a family of ďliterary grammariansĒ, I have always been interested in words, recited and written. They have always been very important to me. I remember what it felt like to be read to as a child, on my parent's lap. That said, I became at long last thrilled to call myself an ďAuthorĒ and see my own words in print with the publication of Thereís a Wolf at the Door (Roaring Brook Press, 2008) and Thereís a Princess in the Palace (Roaring Brook Press, 2010)! And now, my third book, Enzo Races in the Rain! I enjoy writing for being, among other things, a career that allows me to sit on the couch -Ė my office! -- in my pajamas and play with a pen and paper! And, to know that, somewhere, someone is reading a book to a child.

Hopefully, many of us remember that feeling as adults -- what it felt like to be held, snuggled and read to while being transported into the Land of the Book. To remember your parents' or significant adults' voices and inflections reading the words. To feel their presence. To discover and enjoy the illustrations as they help to create that other world. To remember the feeling of safety and comfort and intrigue that books provide. And, for the adults doing that reading, to remember to love, enjoy and hold those reading moments dear, for they are the cornerstones to so many things in life. Obviously, what I am trying to say -- as an author, I use MANY words! -- is that children's books are so very important. They educate, transport, and inspire both children and adults, and help them to feel loved.

As the very proud wife of illustrator R. W. Alley (check out his website, too!), and the mother of two wonderful adult "children", I am similarly thrilled! School-wise, I received my B.A. from the University of New Hampshire, and my Ed.M. from Boston University. You don't need to know the years! We live in Barrington, Rhode Island; a beautiful state with lots of ocean air that makes my hair curly!

Selected Works

This third picture book in the "Enzo" series helps Enzo to understand that there really is nothing to be afraid of on Halloween.
The second picture book in the "Enzo" series follows the adventures of Enzo and his owner, ZoŽ, as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.
This picture book follows the adventures of a puppy named Enzo, and is based on the NY Times best-selling novel, "The Art of Racing in the Rain", by Garth Stein.
Five illustrated retellings of classic nursery tales told in comic book/graphic novel format
Five illustrated retellings of classic tales of princesses told in comic book/graphic novel format

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