ZoŽ B. Alley

Author of Books for Children


by Garth Stein
additional text editing by ZoŽ B. Alley and R. W. Alley
illustrated by R. W. Alley

Boo! Halloween is here -- the spookiest night of the year! And Enzo's been warned by ZoŽ about the mischief that's to come.

Soon, every child in the neighborhood has been changed into some kind of creature -- witches and werewolves and ghosts. Even ZoŽ's been transformed into a fairy princess. Enzo's worried they've been put under some kind of spell. As he prepares to lead the Halloween parade, ZoŽ needs to help him learn there's really nothing to be afraid of at all.

by Garth Stein
additional text editing by ZoŽ B. Alley and R. W. Alley
illustrated by R. W. Alley

Sparkly ornaments are brought out, the neighborhood glitters with lights, and snow is in the air. When ZoŽ tells Enzo that they are going on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, Enzo isn't so sure. Why would they put a tree inside the house? Enzo knows he's in for an adventure.

As ZoŽ and Enzo go on the ultimate hunt, ZoŽ loses her way. But discovers that her family is never far behind.

by Garth Stein
with ZoŽ B. Alley and R. W. Alley
illustrated by R. W. Alley

Meet Enzo the puppy, one very special mutt. Enzo knows he's different from other dogs. He's sure of it. But people never understand him when he barks, and it drives him crazy!

Life on the farm is pretty quiet -- except when he races the cars that come down the barn road. Because Enzo is fast!

But when Enzo meets a little girl named ZoŽ and her father, Denny, everything changes. Enzo embarks on an action-packed adventure as he makes the long journey from the farm to the city, discovers just how big the world is, and finds the family that was truly meant to be his.

Five ďriotousĒ retellings of well-known nursery tales (such as The Three Little Pigs), all starring the very same dastardly wolf, who is just trying to get a meal! They are presented with ďvim and verveĒ in comic panels and puns by the spousal duo of Alley and Alley.

Kirkus Reviews,
The Horn Book

A Washington Post Best Children's Book of the Year

A School Library Journal Online Best Graphic Novel

Shortlisted as a Finalist for the online Cybil Awards

2009 Notable Children's Books in the Language Arts

Winner of the Rhode Island Mock Caldecott Award

Fresh from their success with Thereís a Wolf at the Door, the Alley duo here put their own distinctive spin on stories about five of the worldís most famous princesses -- with predictably hilarious and splendiferous results. And, the book is the perfect size for sharing with your favorite grown-up!

Kirkus Reviews,
School Library Journal,
Publishers Weekly

Childrenís Book of the Month Club selection, 2010

Junior Library Guild, 2010

Picture Books

This third picture book in the "Enzo" series helps Enzo to understand that there really is nothing to be afraid of on Halloween.
The second picture book in the "Enzo" series follows the adventures of Enzo and his owner, ZoŽ, as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.
This picture book follows the adventures of a puppy named Enzo, and is based on the NY Times best-selling novel, "The Art of Racing in the Rain", by Garth Stein.
Five illustrated retellings of classic nursery tales told in comic book/graphic novel format
Five illustrated retellings of classic tales of princesses told in comic book/graphic novel format

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