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Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

I have always been interested in words, spoken and written. They have always been very important to me. I remember what it felt like to sit cozily on a lap and be read to; that feeling of disappearing into the warmth of the lap and the world receeding into the book's words and pictures. I always adored word-play and new vocabulary and silly stories. Still do! 


That said, I am thrilled at long last to call myself an "Author" and see my own words in print. My first book, "There's a Wolf at the Door" (2008) and subsequent "There's a Princess in the Palace" (2010) also speak to my love of comic books/graphic novels for kiddos. The "Enzo" picture book series further solidified my joy. I love being able to sit on the couch -- my "office"! -- in my jammies and play with a pen and paper! And to know that, somewhere, someone is reading a book to a child on a lap.


As the very proud wife of collaborator and well-known illustrator/author R. W. Alley (check out his website at and the mother of two wonderful adult "children", I am similarly filled with joy! 


For additional info on all my books, see the "Books" tab above. Also, please visit -- our newest venture here in Rhode Island, to discover how to order our "Wolf" and "Princess" books reissued for the first time in paperback! Yay!